About the Spanish Structure Drills audio programme

Spanish Structure Drills is a programme designed to complement your language learning. It is a straightforward, effective approach to building language links in the brain, using simple repetition. The programme gives you the opportunity to practice essential grammar structures until they are mastered. Unlike other methods that primarily focus on vocabulary or long-term memory building, the repetition of the drills here – either out loud or to yourself – leads to the formation of language links in the brain, so that the phrases become second nature and are eventually uttered automatically, just as you speak your own language.

Scientifically, this is called plasticity: the ability of the brain cells, or neurons, to mould themselves and form new connections according to their experience. This can happen with repeated actions such as those used for typing, knitting or … speaking! The moulded cell is now part of your brain so the language is spoken instinctively and with confidence.

This is the concept behind Spanish Structure Drills. It’s nothing new – repetition is the way generations have been learning for years, and educationalists are again endorsing this method.


  • Drills spoken by native Spanish speakers
  • Instructions given in English
  • Drills increasingly more challenging – starting simple, then building on what you have mastered
  • Answers given immediately after each drill so you know how you’ve done
  • Reference booklet with recording transcript, answers and grammar explanations
  • Running time 51 min 50 sec (approx.)