Intermediate-plus classes

Suitable for students who have completed one year of Intermediate. We continue work with reflexive verbs and the tenses covered in the Intermediate level. The imperative is covered as well, as this is an introduction to the subjunctive which is introduced at the advanced level.

At this level conversation is freer, with discussions about newspaper articles and current news stories on Spanish TV shown in class. There is more emphasis on vocabulary building.

Rosana is an excellent and gifted teacher. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

BK, London

AF, London


Pasos 2 (Third or Fourth edition)  and corresponding Activity Book, Rosa María Martín and Martyn Ellis (Hodder & Stoughton)

Available pre-owned from World of Books.

Intermediate-plus online class

Date and time

  • Day: Mondays starting Monday 15 April 2024. (Half-term Monday 27 May 2024).
  • Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm


£195 for a ten-week course ending Monday 8 July 2024.

Places available.

Email: to request an enrolment form.