Beginners classes

For those who have no knowledge of Spanish, this course starts from the very beginning. Also suitable for those who have started a Spanish course in the past, never continued, and feel they need to ‘re-start’.

Simple conversation is practiced, such as saying ‘hello’ and introductions, asking about where you live, what you do and whether you have children/brothers and sisters, before moving on to more challenging material.

Classes are small, interesting, fun and very friendly. You learn quickly and Rosana is an excellent teacher, very patient and encouraging.

SM, Knowle


Pasos 1 Coursebook (third or fourth edition) and Pasos 1 Activity Book, both by Rosa María Martín and Martyn Ellis (Hodder & Stroughton).

Available pre-owned from World of Books: Pasos 1 Coursebook  and corresponding Activity Book.

Also available new from Amazon: Pasos 1 Coursebook and corresponding Activity Book.

Beginners in-person class

Beginner groups will be resuming in September 2024. In the meantime, please consider a Beginner+ group.