Spanish language classes

Classes are held in Rosana’s big, bright kitchen in Brislington. Although we work hard, classes are friendly, informal and a lot of fun! Groups are small, so you get plenty of individualised attention.


If you would like to enrol on any of the courses, please contact us for an enrolment form.

We can also give you advice about which level is best for you.

If none of the days or times suit, other slots can be made available.

The course exceeded my expectations. It was by no means easy but it was a very relaxed course, well-structured and delivered in a professional but fun manner in an informal environment.

LA, Fishponds

Introduction to Spanish

A very popular course which includes a home-cooked tapas lunch on the last day!

Introduction to Spanish course details


For those who have no knowledge of Spanish, this course starts from the very beginning. Also suitable for those who have started a Spanish course in the past, never continued, and feel they need to ‘re-start’.

Simple conversation is practiced, such as saying ‘hello’ and introductions, asking about where you live, what you do and whether you have children/brothers and sisters, before moving on to more challenging material.

Beginners course details


These classes are suitable for those who have done our four-week Introduction to Spanish course or who have had some exposure to the language. Verb tenses covered: the present simple and the future using ir + a + infinitive.

We continue with simple conversation, adding elements such as describing your house and city.

If you have had no formal Spanish tuition, you may also join this level if you are prepared to do some extra home study for the first two or three weeks of the course.

Beginners-plus course details


Suitable for those who have completed one year of my Beginners+ course.

Reflexive verbs are introduced, as well as the conditional and past simple (or preterite) tenses. More challenging conversation is practiced, such as giving advice and social invitations.

Pre-intermediate course details


Suitable for students who have completed one year of Pre-intermediate.

We continue work with reflexive verbs and the past simple (or preterite) and conditional tenses. The conjugated future and present perfect tenses are introduced.

Intermediate course details


Suitable for students who have completed one year of Intermediate. We continue work with reflexive verbs and the tenses covered in the Intermediate level. The imperative is covered as well, as this is an introduction to the subjunctive which is introduced at the advanced level.

At this level conversation is freer, with discussions about newspaper articles and current news stories on Spanish TV shown in class. There is more emphasis on vocabulary building.

Intermediate-plus course details


Advanced – for those with a solid grounding in Spanish who are comfortable expressing themselves in the language and who would like to develop their skills further.

To gain full benefit from this class, you should already know the preterite, present perfect and imperfect tenses as well as the imperative and the present subjunctive moods. The imperfect subjunctive and the pluperfect subjunctive are also covered.

We use a textbook, but a higher percentage of course content comes from newspaper articles (including vocabulary and language work) and documentaries/news stories on Spanish TV shown in class.

Advanced course details