Four-week Introduction to Spanish course

Next course: 11, 18 and 25 November and 2 December 2023.  See information on enroling.

This is a very popular intensive course that runs on four Saturdays.

The material I introduce is more advanced than what a new learner of Spanish would expect in only one month of classes. For example, the verb gustar which is tricky in Spanish, is usually introduced after a student has been studying Spanish for about six months. I believe introducing it earlier leads to the formation of a solid basis of Spanish grammar. In my experience, introducing this challenging material early (which includes learning the indirect object pronouns) really pays off. As a comparison, in my usual term-time courses, I introduce gustar and the indirect object pronouns after about ten weeks.

Apart from the broad categories set out in the programme, the course also covers:  subject pronouns,  possessive adjectives, the definite and indefinite articles, indirect object pronouns, adjective-gender-number match, essential vocabulary and, apart from gustar, at least 15 other fundamental verbs which are intrinsic to the course (others come up especially in the What do you like to do in your free time? lesson). The course includes quick-fire practice on all these points to get students using these structures automatically so that their conversation is more fluid. The course also includes listening practice and reading texts.

The fee of £150 includes course booklet and the meal on the last day.

Student comments from previous Introduction courses

THANK YOU so so much for the amazing tapas feast on Saturday. It was just brilliant! We both really loved it and it was a shame we couldn’t stay for the patatas bravas – I am sure they were very tasty. Perfect tortilla and fantastic paellla (never realised vegan food could taste so good.) The Introduction to Spanish course was of course excellent too. Very well presented and executed! I am sure we will be back for more. SM, Clifton, Bristol

I thought it was a well-designed course for committed learners: it was a lot of information but all the essential things. It was also nice that Rosana personalised the booklets by adding our names. I felt that she knew who she was teaching and not like ‘mass produced’ commercial language teaching. MM, Brislington

I enjoyed every moment! A huge thank you for everything and the amazing tapas lunch. It was lovely to get to chat to everyone after the course. SA, Axbridge

Rosana made us feel very welcome in her home and made sure we were understanding what she was teaching us. It was all a challenge but nothing was overly difficult. The personalised study books were brilliant, very helpful and intuitive and made tracking our progress very easy. The homely environment made the whole experience more comfortable, too. Also Rosana is an excellent cook: the tapas were a great end to the course! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Spanish! DS, Brislington

The course exceeded my expectations. It was by no means easy but it was a very relaxed course, well-structured and delivered in a profssional but fun manner in an informal environment. LA, Fishponds

I enjoyed being tutored by Rosana. She is patient, sympathetic and made it fun to learn something new. I enjoyed the course more than I thought I would. It also boosted my confidence overall. SP, Brislington