Trips to Spain

Bull silhouettePuri from The Spanish Experience is our host for our fantastic yearly trips to Valle del Corneja and Sierra de Gredos in the provinces of Avila and Salamanca, just northwest of Madrid. We usually travel in the month of October and our hotel Real de Barco is in beautiful Barco de Avila. After morning classes with Puri, we visit the different villages of the region, each day incorporating a different activity.
Our last trip was in October 2015. Watch this space for dates for our next trip which will take place either in the spring or autumn of 2020.

An example day

Three of Rosana's students enjoying tapas in Salamanca

Enjoying tapas in Salamanca

  • Morning classes: reading and talking about regional Spanish food then going out shopping in Barco de Avila to buy the ingredients for paella. We break up into pairs and visit the local fish mongers, butcher, bakery and local village supermarket.
  • Back to the hotel for lunch (half-board is included in the price of the trip).
  • Afternoon: Pairwork and role playing in the hotel lounge: A job interview, a visit to the doctor, renting a car… Playing back our ‘skits’ to the rest of the group and laughs all round.
  • Late afternoon: Visit to the abandoned village of Las Solanillas on the way to Puri’s home.
  • Evening: Making our paella at Puri’s home and ending it off with a queimada.

Student comments from previous years’ trips

Goya treasure hunt in Piedrahita

Goya treasure hunt in Piedrahita

I want to say this again and again:  I had a wonderful time, thanks to Rosana, Puri and the other students. Rosana is an excellent teacher for practical Spanish, but for me, it was also very helpful when she explained Spanish language theory. I do hope that Rosana and Puri can continue working together for the benefit of future students! MM, Brislington

The hotel was great, as was the class venue. The food throughout the trip was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed the various meals out. Puri was lovely and I appreciated her teaching style. It worked really well having Puri and Rosana together as their interactions were helpful and interesting. One highlight was the pork tasting! The afternoon treasure hunt was very fun. Probably my favourite day/experience was the session on food, then buying the food, then the lovely evening at Puri’s house for a gorgeous meal.  I now feel more confident speaking.  DS, Fishponds

View from our hotel Real de Barco

View from our hotel Real de Barco

I really enjoyed all of the trip as I got so much out of it. The hotel was very good and accommodating. Puri’s classes and teaching style, combined with Rosana’s, was very good and they complimented each other.  It was great value for money and I would certainly recommend the trip to others. I would also consider doing it again.  My Spanish definitely has improved and I now feel more confident speaking. BL, Bradley Stoke

We had fun. I enjoyed the experience and the friendship of the other students. It was good value for money and I would recommend the trip to others as a short learning experience. The hotel was excellent. Puri spoke mostly in Spanish with some translations. I could not understand everything but it was a good challenge to try. I feel more confident speaking and  my listening comprehension has improved. KS, Fishponds

I have already recommended this trip to friends. I found the hotel safe and secure, and I liked the contrast between the serious conference room for the morning classes and the casual authentic Spanish activities in the afternoon, especially visiting Puri’s house. Puri’s material was colourful, interesting and professional. The programme was just right for the length of our stay. Overall, I thought that it was a well-structured daily plan. It is a suitable trip for slightly older students with a commitment to learning.   PH, Longwell Green, Bristol