A-level and GCSE support

A Level Spanish text books


I provide support for all areas of A-level preparation, taking into account the different exam boards and specific requirements for each. Working with the student and their parents, I look at the specific syllabus for each exam board and tailor my classes accordingly. We concentrate on:

  • Grammar
  • Reading including in-depth comprehension building of complex A-level topics (as per each exam board) and vocabulary building
  • Listening practice

My fee includes extended support outside of class:

  • I set homework in each class, which students complete and send to me for feedback before the next class.
  • I am also available between classes for any questions the student may have.
  • Fee per class: £40 payable up-front in blocks of four classes. Classes can be weekly or fortnightly.
    Drop me a line or telephone me at contact.


    I work with students concentrating on specific areas of GCSE: reading, writing and listening comprehension. Fee per class: £30
    Drop me a line or telephone me at contact.


    I work with students preparing for GCSE using material from the Key Stages of pre-GCSE so that they can embark on GSCE Spanish with confidence.
    Fee per class: £30
    Drop me a line or telephone me at contact.

    Parent testimonial

    Our daughter is in Year 9. Before we approached Rosanne to start tutoring her in Spanish, Celia learned Spanish in primary school and during Years 7 and 8 at secondary school. However, she was not progressing with her spoken Spanish nor with the more complex verb conjugations, beyond the present tense. Rosanne began tutoring Celia last March 2020, during the first UK lockdown, so she ran an hour’s session each week via Zoom. Focusing on what Celia had already learned, and working alongside her KS3 syllabus, this arrangement worked really well – Celia’s confidence in speaking Spanish rapidly progressed, and she was soon able to converse more fluently.

    Rosanne’s techniques are very impressive: taking her student back to the basics, to help them gain confidence and understand verb conjugations, then using drills to imbed these for greater fluency. Rosanne engages her student by talking with them in Spanish about their day to day interests and routines, immersing them in regular vocabulary to aid memory retention and augment their word bank.

    The progression we have seen Celia make in her written and aural Spanish is remarkable, thanks to Rosanne’s friendly and professional teaching approach and her perception of the individual student’s ability to be stretched. Indeed, having received weekly sessions with Rosanne, after just one term Celia’s Spanish schoolteacher remarked to us that she was “an incredible student” and moved her up to the top set! Thank you, Rosana! KM, Bristol